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The Old Brick
My previous car, a 1985 765 Turbo was totaled in a left turn incident on the morning of June 25, 2003 and was deemed my fault by local police, though in reality I was hit in the back door/quarter panel by a 2001 Saturn LS2 then had run the light trying to make it going approx. 45MPH. My car was spun 270 degrees in clockwise landing me paralell to the crosswalk on the street I as turning on to. Slightly shaken, I got outa of the car with a bruise on my shoulder from the seatbelt later that night, and a 4 hour adrenalin rush. The headrest cusions had popped out of the headrests, the radio was sucked into the dash, and had continued to play the CD after the car stopped spinning. The car restarted, as I attempetd to move the car out of the intersection, only to find the driveshaft halves had seperated. The right rear trailing arm ripped out the bushing and nut welded to the inside of the car, buckeled the roof popping the sunroof out, ripping and buckeling the floor behind the back seat, changing the right front fender line, creating a gap on the oppisite doors, jamming the tailgate closed, bending the front passanger seat frame and floor, ripping the center support bracket out of the car, pushing the motor into the radiator which broke one blade on the electric fan and nicking the radiator enough to cause a pin hole. At a later date I was able to open the tailgate, and front door as if it wasnt crushed, it also reclosed and latched, bent and mangeled as it was. Only the back door window blew out, and all parts I needed were salvaged and most are on this car now. That car saved my life, and god knows what would have happened if I had been driving something else.

Here are some pics of it before its untimly death, more pics of the accident will be posted later, for now lets remember her in her full beauty, hehe.

For those of you that remember, this pic got me a mention in an online photo contest at the Turbobricks website.