The Silver Sleeper
The Silver Sleeper
A few tech specs
1990 Volvo 765 Turbo

Under the Hood
  • 4 cyl 2.3 SHOC Turbo B230FT
  • Bosch Mototronic 2.4 EFI
  • Garret T03 Water-cooled Turbocharger 9psi Boost with wastegate shimmed (factory boost 8-10psi)
  • Nissen 3-row radiator
  • 2.5" exaust front to back. Cat, and Walker Turbo II muffler in rear
  • M-46 4 speed + overdrive trans
  • Dual Toyota electric fan conversion

  • IPD 25mm front and rear swaybars
  • IPD overload coils in rear
  • IPD 740 Disel springs in front cut 1 coil to level out
  • Bilstein HD on all 4 corners
  • Volvo "Jumbo" brakes in front, factory brakes in rear.

  • Black leather front and rear with bun warmers for the front seats
  • Very nice stereo
  • Custom Mp3Box
  • GReddy turbo timer
  • Whipple 16PSI boost guage, Autometer Air/fuel guage

Mods in progress/future