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Under the Hood

Mods in progress

Well, finally pulled the origional motor because it got to the point where is was burning a quart of oil every 2 weeks. A friend had a wrecked 740 turbo sedan, so in one day, we pulled his old motor, pulled my motor, and put his motor back in my car, so i could drive home that day. This motor is temporary until I actually get off my ass and rebuild the motor sitting in my back yard. I have a 14 second goal for this car, and I should have no trouble meeting it with a new motor.

Garret T03 Turbocharger. A pull from the wrecked 765. This car
originally came equiped with a Mitsubishi TD04 turbo. Much
smaller, and maxed out boost efficency at a lower 12-13PSI,
though spooled much quicker du to small size and better flowing
exaust manifold. The Garret is a Volvo rebuilt turbo, and was
watercooled upgrade for the older turbo cars,which were just oil
cooled. Main reason I'm using this turbo, is with the manual,
spool time wont bug me, and it has a higer efficency in stock
form, at 15-16PSI.

Dirty M-46 trans pulled from the wrekced 765 being cleaned for a teardown, reseal
and bell housing mod to make way for the crank sensor. The bell must be notched
because its almost impossible to find a bell housing for a 1990 or 91 car that
had a stick shift, as these were the only years that used this crank sensor,
and were offered with the M-46 manual trans.

The M-46 trans is a 4 speed manual gearbox, with a laycock overdrive.
Basically an electricly activated hydrolic overdrive. Activated by a button
on the shifter, a solonoid that is attaced to the OD turnes an and activated the OD.
Pressure for the OD is made by a small pump in the OD, driven by a cam on the output
shaft of the actual gearbox. Its nice to just hit the button, hit boost, pass
that Beemer, hit the button again, be back in OD and go on crusing.

The suspension had IPD swaybars front and rear, Bilstein heavy-duty's front and rear,
poly-urathaine strut rod bushings, IPD overload coils in the rear and 700 series
disel springs in the front, chopped 1 coil to level the front out. The front brakes
were the volvo "big" brakes. These are 11 1/4 inch 22 millimeters thick. They have
been upgraded to the "jumbo" brakes. The jumbo brakes have a larger pad and have
11" 26 millimeter thich rotors. Much thicker, which greatly reduced the famous
warping of the rotors, and the larger pad helped the stopping power. The calipers
on the big brake system was a 2 piston girling, now with the jumbo, its a large one
piston girling caliper. Still with ABS.

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