Heater Core Replacement </HEAD>
Replacing the Heater Core

Well needless to say this task sucks. Though because Ive done this before on my other brick, and I am a mechanic by trade, it wasnt so bad. About 1 hour 15 minutes to get the dash off, and another 45 minutes to get the HVAC box and core out. It will probably take about 4-5 hours for reassembly. All with a light drizzle outside. The dealer wants about $1400 to do this job because of the obvious 10 hours labor, and then the cost of the core at $400. But I got the core wholesale and I paid less than $100. The HVAC box will get all new foam seals via The HOme Deopt. and all of the vent motors are in good condition, so no worries there. In case you are wondering the coolant is Dex-Cool, it is orange in color (no its not blood). Because of the age of car even with being careful, I still broke all 5 of the clips that hold the top of the dash to the cowl, but the parts only take a few days to get from the Volvo dealer, some of the screw tabs in the dash broke, but for the most part, it should go back to gether rather cleanly. Not a job for the amateur unless you are brave, just be weary of the airbag! And yes, im a wuss, I could have by-passed the heater in about 2 minutes, but I like my heat!

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